Album Review: ABC News gave “African America” 4/5 Stars!

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Album Review: ABC News gave “African America” 4/5 Stars!



The review staff at ABC News had a lot of great things to say about out latest release “African America”.

We appreciate you all spreading the warning enough for our message to even make it to them!

“This whole album is an extended thesis on frustration with inequality, from the ways crimes are prosecuted to job availability. It’s a haunting reality. “Pardon” has the verse, “What’s the definition of a good black man? / One strike? / Two strikes? / Reformed? /No speeding tickets / No weed in the glove compartment. / Police act like I’m less than human. / But acting godly won’t protect me from persecution. /They give a man an Oscar for playing a slave. / Do they want that Chuck D or the Flavor Flav?” The tiny microcosm of these few lines only scratch the surface.

The picture painted here is a dire one, but like Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” and Common’s “Black America Again” it is peppered with bits of optimism in the face of adversity. “Young Ones” has the lines “Don’t let them stop you / Keep your head up.” After all, the main focus on this record is about maintaining respect for one’s self in a world that subliminally and (sometimes overtly) tells you still that you aren’t equal.” -Allan Raible from ABC News

 View the full review here.

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