In the minds of The Black Opera, everyone is a little BLACK and all are seeking NIRVANA. The performance experience that is Black Nirvana is an earnest expression of music as a weapon for socioeconomic unity.  By definition, black is characterized as disaster, misery, and tragedy.  Additionally, Black refers to those whose skin tone contains a quantifiable amount of melanin, often coupled with having African descent.  Conversely, nirvana is the antithesis to black, being defined as a perfect state of happiness; an idyllic or ideal place.  The Black Nirvana stage show is a guided social experiment that addresses the dichotomy between elements of life in Black America and a hip-hop derived exposure to the concept of nirvana.  Through multimedia performance art, The Black Opera will cultivate a revival-like energy using prose, rhythm and chorus to engage audience participants in a transcendent voyage to a place of social regeneration.



Black Nirvana is the brainchild of The Black Opera, an interdisciplinary artist collective from Michigan.  The goal of Black Nirvana is to explore social and racial issues through a multi-linear series of performance vignettes with an intense hip-hop driven score.  This project exists on a mobile stage and includes a custom digital projection system to elevate the performance experience.  Individual mobile audio capabilities will be supplied to the attendees to enhance interactivity throughout Black Nirvana.  Throughout the performance experience, participants will be invited to wear headphones.  All will engage in call-and-response, chants, and movement that coincide with visual and audio cues during Black Nirvana in demonstration of collective unification.  Select elements of Black Nirvana will filter into a live global social media experiment, which will allow an on-demand view of participant thoughts and reactions, fueling new theories of change around the world.
Black Nirvana is a two hour mobile performance experience and will tour select locations throughout the USA in Fall 2016, with sights on international motion in 2017.  The project is seeded in hip-hop music, video projection and visual arts, and will include an interactive social media element during each performance experience.  Black Nirvana will utilize music, technology, and genuine hard work to provoke new a new school of thought with art as a catalyst for socioeconomic elevation.


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The Black Opera is a collective of Artistic Freedom Fighters who openly and fluently express creation through music, art and investment in the community. The Black Opera is a cast of characters narrating perceptions of timely, yet timeless subjects which connect the past, present and future through creative arts.


Jamall Bufford, Project Manager: Jamall  manages artist development, project evolution and releases as well as live performances.

Music Coordinator of Neutral Zone, Michigan.

The Neutral Zone is a diverse, youth-driven teen center dedicated to promoting personal growth through artistic expression, community leadership and the exchange of ideas.

Jesse Givens, Business Manager:  Jesse is at the helm of The Black Opera as the manager of strategies and business affairs.

Founder of The Legend Lab, Michigan.

Legend Lab is a place for artists to expand the dreams and intentions that they already hold inside.

Kyla Wright, Creative Endeavors:  Kyla is the chief content creator and creative manager for The Black Opera.

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  • Development of creative collaborators
  • Vocal and instrumental sound compositions
  • Live instrumentation


  • Live performance art
  • Mixed medium visual arts
  • Film and video compositions


  • Performance arts development workshops
  • Technology infused learning experiences

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“If you haven’t heard or seen TBO perform, you need to slap yourself. Literally my favorite group in hip-hop right now.”

Tajai Massey, Hip-Hop Legend – Souls Of Mischief


The Black Opera is the manifestation of  the modern day world as seen through a hip-hop filtered mirror.

TBO is an OPERA, a hypnotizing multi-sensory performance art group who excites the eyes and ears of peers with Demonstrations of Advanced Artistry. BLACK is not an ethnic reference. BLACK represents the culmination of ALL colors, races, creeds, ideas and concepts.

WE are ONE.

WE are a counter-cultural arts movement with quality, longevity, innovation and talent as driving forces.

The Black Opera is ART. MUSIC. COMMUNITY.


2012 – Deepak Chopra Sages & Scientists Symposium

2012 – Allied Media Conference, MOCAD – Youth Event

2013 – Hiero Day, Oakland – Community enrichment in Oakland, CA

2014 – US Tour with Jaded Inc

2015 – European Tour – France / Austria / Poland / Germany

2015 – Canada Tour with Souls of Mischief

2015 – Neutral Zone presents Live On Washington Ann Arbor Youth Festival

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2012: Deepak Chopra “Sages & Scientists” Symposium

2013 – USA Today feature of song “Monsters and Robots”

2014 – Featured Song on Queen Latifah Show chosen by guest Deepak Chopra

2014 – Music Video ranked #1 on Snoop Dogg show “Underground Heat”

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2011 – Overture

2011 – EnterMission

2012 – Libretto: Of King Legend

2013 – 80z Babiez to the 2Gz

2013 – Victim Of A Modern Age

2014 – The Great Year

2015 – Legend Has It

2015 – Freedom Is

2015 – Protect The Code

2016 – Midnight Run

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